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A Non Intrusive Site Investigation For A Geological Disposal Facility For Radioactive Waste

A non-intrusive site investigation for a Geological Disposal Facility for radioactive waste

Year: 2023First Published: EAGEAuthors: C Strand, J Canning, D Eastwell, C Rudling, K Purcell, R Bartlett


It is internationally recognised that the safest method for permanent disposal of higher-activity radioactive waste is in a deep, underground Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The UK has, along with several countries, embarked on a project to identify potential sites for the construction of a GDF.

A potential GDF site requires a thorough assessment of its suitability prior to any construction activities. The suitability criteria include a detailed understanding of the local and regional geology. Typically, the geological characterisation commences with non-intrusive methods, such as acquisition of seismic data, and then may progress to intrusive evaluation, requiring boreholes.

This case study describes the first stage of non-intrusive investigation. Legacy 2D data were reprocessed to improve the image of the shallow geology, resulting in an improved understanding. The limitations of these legacy seismic data were recognised and a project to acquire new, near-surface focused 3D data was developed with the objectives of imaging shallow targets with high resolution.

Early processing results suggest that the objectives were achieved.

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