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Reveal In The Cloud

1 Mar 2023

Reveal in the cloud

Year: 2023First Published: MarchAuthors:  Mark Skinner*, Kent Stevens* (*contacts)AWS Contributors:  Mik Isernia, Dmitriy Tishechkin, Marcos Kajita, and Joe Dischinger


Shearwater’s Reveal software has become widely adopted for processing and imaging seismic data, establishing its place as the industries’ processing and imaging platform of choice. Its modern nature offers better usability, which when coupled with the flexibility of the platform, has given it the market leading position with a rapidly growing customer base. The diversity Reveal customers and the even wider diversity of uses our customers have for the software means a one size fits all IT solution isn’t appropriate and this is where its cloud capabilities thrive. As such it has been developed to be, as much as possible, agnostic of HPC hardware and architecture. There are exceptions, but the mandate for Reveal development has been to create a software that can run on hardware solutions from high power laptops through to the very largest computer clusters. This agnostic approach also allows for on-premise and cloud use and recognises that cloud is not homogenous but instead is a business sector of its own, run by many organisations across thousands of varying public cloud hubs across the globe. It is glaringly obvious that cloud offers an extraordinary level of flexibility for volume of resource, but it is also the case in terms of the range of hardware accessible.

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