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Value Of Marine Vibrators For Effective Frequency Dependent Spatial Sampling Of Seismic Wavefield

1 Jan 2023

Value of marine vibrators for effective frequency-dependent spatial sampling of seismic wavefield

Year: 2023First Published: IMAGEAuthors: Arash JafarGandomi, Aparajita Nath, Sergio Grion


Marine seismic vibrators are considered serious contenders to air-gun arrays and are attractive as environmentally friendly sources. While the reduced environmental impact is highly attractive, an additional driver is the ability to control the characteristics of the released energy precisely. Here we show how to acquire and process seismic data with marine vibrators while employing a frequency-dependent spatial sampling up to 150Hz and a water depth of 145m, extending previous works which were up to 50Hz with 1900m water depth. Furthermore, we review the key processing challenges associated with this advanced acquisition design. We also detail and emphasize the estimation of the source signature for accurate and effective sweep deconvolution.

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