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A global provider of powerful geophysical marine seismic acquisition and processing services from sensor to image
Shearwater GeoServices is a financially secure seismic exploration company with strong supportive owners; RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS, Schlumberger, and GC Rieber AS.

Our main focus is to provide superior geophysical services to our clients, meeting high standards of quality in both what we do and how we deliver it.

Shearwater is an innovative global provider of 3D and 4D marine seismic data, imaging products and data processing software. Our fleet of modern purpose-built vessels leads the industry with their towed and Ocean Bottom seismic acquisition capabilities. Our proprietary seismic processing software, Reveal, has been entirely developed in the 21st century and is the most modern, highly interactive, efficient and user-friendly platform for all aspects of processing and imaging in the market. Shearwater provides an unparalleled offering of acquisition capabilities to its clients.

Shearwater's Head Office is in Bergen, Norway, with an additional focus on Marine Operations and QHSE. Our Marine Acquisition HQ is in Gatwick, UK. We have our Reveal hub in Houston, US, that includes a Processing & Imaging centre as well as NSA region Marine Acquisition. Our Singapore office focuses on APAC region Marine Acquisition requirements. The Shearwater Product Centre in Penang, Malaysia, specialises in the manufacturing and repair of marine geophysical equipment. The largest Processing & Imaging centre is based in Gatwick, UK, with an in-house R&D team. Shearwater’s Oslo Technology Center located outside Oslo, Norway includes a 24/7 field support hub as well as a fully equipped laboratory which can be configured to replicate the acquisition systems used by Shearwater’s fleet.

Together our acquisition teams, processing geophysicists, Engineering and R&D group provide our clients with the tools they need to de-risk their exploration and maximise their production efficiency.

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