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​UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are a collection of 17 global goals with 169 sub-targets designed to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Shearwater acknowledges that everyone must contribute in order to achieve these goals.

Our sustainability strategy is centred around areas of sustainable development in which we as a company can make a difference. By analysing our business in relation to the UN SDGs, we have identified six goals relevant to our business operations. Below is a brief summary of how we contribute to achieving these goals. Additional information is provided where relevant under the different topics of this report.

  • We seek to contribute to a more gender-diverse industry by proactively recruiting and appointing women to managerial and executive positions (target 5.5). The gender equality principle is embedded in policies and processes, including recruitment, remuneration, training, promotion and development reviews (target 5.1).

  • We want to be a recognised global leader in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) monitoring. By leveraging data, insights and competencies, our solutions can help customers increase energy efficiency and ease the transition into new energy markets (target 7.3).

  • We respect and protect labour rights and provide safe and secure and healthy working environments for all employees (target 8.8). We pay above minimum living wage for all employees based on their competencies and provide job security by keeping a stable workforce independent of contracts (target 8.5).

  • We seek to reduce energy consumption and waste generation from our operations (target 12.2). Streamers are repaired and reused when possible, and our vessels are repurposed or responsibly recycled when reaching the end of their working life (target 12.5).

  • We apply best practices and follow strict industry standards to conserve the seas and marine resources by constantly seeking more sustainable solutions for reducing emissions, spills, noise and any unwanted impact on marine life from our operations (target 14.3). We contribute to sea and ocean health by collecting marine debris through participation in the Ghost Net Initiative (target 14.2).

  • We respect human rights and labour universal principles, and advocate responsible conduct by our values, policies and processes (target 16.1). We do not engage in any form of corruption and encourage employees to speak up about any concerns (target 16.2).