Social responsibility

We take our social responsibilities seriously and strive to continuously improve. We prioritise safeguarding the environment, the welfare of our people and the well-being of society at large. And we meticulously aspire to zero loss, zero harm, and zero rework in our operations.
In Shearwater we are working to promote human rights and decent working conditions, and we support the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact and the standards advocated by the International Labour Organisation. We make sure to run our business in compliance with both the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Norwegian Transparency Act, which is clearly stated in our Code of Conduct, and we adopt the legislation in our agreements with our suppliers.

Any inquiry concerning our work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions can be directed to


Underpinning the overall strategy, we have set up a tactical QHSE annual planning cycle to help with continuous improvement. This includes structured incident investigation training, contractor’s HSE performance assurance, occupational health risk management and improved hazard reporting software.
Our strategy encourages risk-based approaches to make sure risks are adequately and holistically managed. Through careful and systemic risk assessment, our operational processes put in place layers of adequate control measures to make sure residual risks are as low as reasonably practicable.

Even with this risk management focus, we still pay significant attention to emergency cases as an integral part of a structured management system.


Our behavioural based safety process has been established to transform our culture to one of safety commitment with defined shared values around safety and a focus on reducing exposure to risks. The goal is to build a culture of empowerment, trust, and continuous learning while strengthening our line management’s coaching and engagement skills.

The outcome is our internal process called PACE (Preventing Accidents by Controlling Exposure). Through this process we are fostering an environment and culture where our people care for one another by increasing awareness, frequency and quality of engagement in risk mitigation.


People are our priority. And safe operations and a healthy work environment are key elements for a sustainable business. We firmly believe that a strong safety culture is pivotal to reaching our business aspirations.

Shearwater has a long-term quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) strategy, that puts in place the required management systems alignment based on decision-making, contractor’s performance management, continuous learning and human factors focus.

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