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We are where we feel at our best – at the forefront of streamer acquisition techniques.
We have the world’s most advanced marine seismic acquisition technologies for exploring, delineating, characterising and monitoring reservoirs.

Our curiosity means we are never satisfied and always think we can do better. We’re constantly looking at new techniques and new applications, for example pushing our beyond conventional seismic to explore carbon storage in aquifers and reservoirs.​ Our aim is always to improve productivity and turn-around.
Choosing the right method of data acquisition for you means weighing up cost, geographical environment and your project goals. Some streamer techniques make natural partners such as wide-tow source and multiple sources, increasing the quality and efficiency of your survey.

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Data quality is what drives us. Acquiring data with best operational performance in the industry, with safety at its core, can revolutionise your business.

Our towed streamer fleet has the world’s best technology. We’re standing on decades of extensive research and engineering.

And we’ve set new standards in seismic acquisition with our range of streamers including Sercel Sentinel, Sentinel MS, Qmarine and Isometrix. All proven technologies, time and time again providing the data quality required for your needs – be it the workhorse of the industry Sercel Sentinel, or the high-end multicomponent Isometrix system designed to be sensitive to the smallest 4D differences.


The Sercel Sentinel streamer is widely used in the seismic industry. It features solid construction, uniform ballast and vibration isolation capabilities that provides some of the best signal-to-noise characteristics in the industry. Sentinel streamers also offer high reliability, giving increased productivity. The system features the Nautilus streamer control system which is linked to the navigation system and allows streamers to be controlled laterally as well as in depth.
Sentinel MS is the new member of the Sentinel family offering multi-component acquisition along with the low noise, and reliability of the Sentinel streamer. In addition to the hydrophone, the multicomponent streamer features two more acceleration components, providing vector measurements of the crossline and vertical wave front which are used for wavefield de-ghosting.
Towed streamer wide azimuth

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To measure the earths response, you need excellent receivers.

Seismic sources

Our expertise in seismic sources ensures we are well prepared for any challenge.

Software, processing & imaging

Without a clear picture of what you’re working with, you can’t make clear decisions.


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